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A New Craft Space!

A few weeks ago I moved into my boyfriends apartment. I love living there with him and its so much fun. On top of that, I got to set up my very own craft space there! Its a small place so I knew I had to maximise space and make the most of it! I decided to go with IKEA products for several reasons: 1.)They were relatively cheap  2.)They are flatpacked, which is literally the only way you could get furniture in, since the entrance is a bit convoluted! 3.)I get to set them up myself! Number three might not be a bonus to some people but I love being in charge and I love working with my hands, so I was pretty happy 🙂 Oh! And of course, I got to go to IKEA. (I could shop there for hours)

In the end I decided on three pieces of furniture.I got the Adils/Linnmon desk, the Skalberg/Sporren chair (which is SUPER comfortable by the way!) and a small Billy bookcase for all my supplies. (You can see links to these items at the bottom of the post if you’d like to check them out for yourself). Putting them together was a doddle for the most part, the exception being entirely my own fault because I forgot to bring over a hammer. However I improvised with a tin of chickpeas and it got the job done! (The state of the chickpeas is unknown but presumed mushy)

 Here is the space I decided to use as my crafting nook (with my boyfriends blessing!) and with the bookshelf up.
And here it is after all the furniture was set up. Just look at how the space takes advantage of all that natural light coming in! I love it 🙂
Finally, here is the space at night time with all of my supplies in place.

All I need now is a lamp so that I can work at night time as well as day time (because you never know when the mood strikes!). I’m definitely going to need more storage because my stuff is already bursting out of those shelves, but for now I will make do!

Its small, but its mine and I just love it!

Links to the products used:


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