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The Waiting is the Hardest Part!

Hi there! I’m at my parents house for the weekend and I’m absolutely bubbling over with ideas for what I can make when I get back home. I recently got a big haul from Simon Says Stamp – it was birthday at the end of July and I got money towards a crafty spree – and I’m waiting on a later small one aswell when Ranger was 25% off.

I also finally bit the bullet and ordered the Big Daddy of foam tape rolls – the 3M one. It killed me to spend that much on foam tape but I know I won’t regret it because I have been out of foam tape for, like, a month! And I can’t live without it. Making a totally flat card is really hard! I got super chap tape on eBay and oh it’s terrible. Its sticking to everything but the cardstock! My fingers and scissors in particular were covered in ooey gooey marshmallow like stuff! So I’ll be so happy when that arrives. Plus I got it at a bargain price on Amazon – it worked out at roughly €32.

Finally, I literally just ordered a 48 pack Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers and I’m so so excited. I saw them for €55 and I couldn’t not buy them because I have wanted them for the LONGEST time and they are normally well out of my price range! I was going to buy the 60 pack but I have seen a lot of people saying you probably don’t need all of them since they blend so well. Plus I already have the Akashiya Sai Brush Markers that I love so they’ll help to fill in any blanks.

Ohhh I miss you craft desk! I’ll be home soon!!


2 thoughts on “The Waiting is the Hardest Part!

  1. I’m so jealous you got the Zig markers! I’ve been dying to get them too. Everything is so pricy! I live in Canada and we see the American prices and the difference up here is crazy. Ordering from the states there’s the dollar exchange, sometimes a fee to do that and then shipping. I once had to pay a fee for the border crossing that was $27 on top of the shipping fees. They are right next to us!
    I still order from Simon Says Stamp when a sale is on. They have everything!
    Can you buy sheets of fun foam over there for kids crafts? I use it to back large areas I want to lift on a card and use a quick drying tacky glue to adhere it to the papers. The glue isn’t so wet as to make the papers ripple. Also when you post the card it doesn’t have depressions between tape lines after going through processing. It’s one solid piece. It was Jennifer McGuire that suggested it.


    1. Omg it’s the same here! I’m in Ireland so getting anything is ridiculously difficult. The cheapest shipping from Simon to here is around 13 US Dollars so I can’t just make a small order. There’s a UK website called Seven Hills Crafts that sells some american brands which is great but still no where near the selection in the US. Oh no I can’t believe you’ve to pay the exchange rate? Though now that I think about it, I use PayPal. Which pays for me in Euro but last time I noticed they used ‘their own’ exchange rate which was significantly inflated! Sometimes I have to pay customs, which I guess is probably they same type of charge as the border charge?

      I would love if there was a Hobby Lobby or Michaels here to. I want to browse in a giant craft store!

      You can buy foam sheets but I haven’t found any cheap enough to be worth buying yet! But I’d love to find a bulk pack because I hate those dents you get between tape lines!


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